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Outdoor scene, GRC outdoor setting with BBQ in the background at Maison Design Kent Town Display Centre.


Maison Design can help complete your outdoor room with a huge range of stunning, quality outdoor furniture. Select from our exclusive manufacturers such as Papaya, Fermob and Lujo where you will find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for. As distributors for these outstanding manufacturers, Maison brings the world of outdoor furniture to you.


    Simply beautiful – a synergy between the unspoiled beauty of raw materials and the understated clarity of contemporary design. The Papaya brand was created in 1996, born of a quest to find and utilize sustainable natural materials and combine these with simple, elegant design to form a homeware brand that is innovative, contemporary and timeless.
    Papaya manufacture products to their own unique designs, in partnership with artisans and producers across the globe.
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    Fermob, the French outdoor furniture manufacturer, creates innovative, clever, practical and fun outdoor furniture, filling your world with colour.
    A wide range of colourful metal products, of traditional and contemporary inspiration to blend, harmonize, and combine at will for gardens and terraces! To make your outdoors into a space that’s right for you!
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    Lujo has a range of luxurious ‘relaxation’ furniture that is aesthetically stimulating, uber-comfortable and extremely enduring, even in the harshest of environments.
    Every piece of Lujo furniture is purpose built for comfort and created to maximise relaxation. All Lujo products are vigorously tested-and-tweaked to ensure you get the most out of your down-time.
    Luxurious (yet extremely durable) fabrics, clever designs that naturally shape to the body, soft foam fillings – these are just a few elements that make Lujo products the most comfortable on the market.
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