Commercial Grade Pots & Planters

Pots and planters that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Modern, old world or brand your own.

Strong, durable, commercial grade pots, planters & troughs

Commercial Grade Lightweight construction resin Pots, Planters & Troughs will suit any domestic or commercial project. These can be painted in any colour besides the standard Charcoal/black : Vivid White : Concrete Wash or the Rust look. These are also suitable for water features.

Our laser cut planters are also now available in custom made logos ideal for hotels and corporate projects.

The Atlantis range of pots are hand made and ideal for the rustic landscape look, no one pot is the same in finish providing a unique individual style.

Our commercial grade, lightweight pots, planters and troughs are also ideal for apartments and commercial or domestic balconies.

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Contact Us for our Pots & Planters PDF brochure